Protect Your Critical Files And Data
With Our Secure Off-site Backup System

What is eBackupToGo.com?

   eBackupToGo.com is an easy to use file backup system. It will create and maintain off-site backups of all your critical business files.

   Our backup service has many important features that help protect your files. First, your files are stored off-site. This protects your files from fire, natural disasters, theft and other events that can happen at your location. Second, you have the ability to store multiple copies of your backups. This protects you from not noticing a problem with a file until well after it was corrupted or deleted. Third, our system is completely automated. It does not require someone to start an app, load a tape or disk, or any other human intervention. Many times an employee responsible for this type of backup gets complacent or moves on and no one else is assigned the task. Finally, we provide plenty of feedback as to the success and status of your backups. We have heard many horror stories of companies thinking their automated backups were running fine, then finding no usable backups when they need a critical restore.

   The service consists of two parts. First you will be storing your backups off-site on our secure, state-of-the-art FTP space on the Internet. The second part is easy to use yet powerful software that transfers your files to the backup location and manages your backups for you ( Windows based software only. No Mac Software ). We supply this software at no cost to you and give you detailed instructions on installing it and using it.

Why are backups important?

   We all know backing up our critical business data is important, but for many of us it seems like a big, useless task? The problem with most backup methods is they are time consuming, cumbersome, and technically difficult. And, after you spent all that time and effort maintaining proper backups, you have never needed any of them. Many people have this same attitude toward backups until something unforeseen happens and your critical files and data are gone.

eBackupToGo.com takes the pain out of maintaining proper backups

   We make it easy. While it does take a little time to set it up properly, we give you detailed step by step instructions. And if you run into any problems, our knowledgeable staff is only a phone call away 24 hours a day seven days a week. 614-431-2300 800-351-8009

   Once set up, our system is completely automated. But we don't stop there. Your backups are too important to set up and forget about. We give you ongoing feedback of the status of your stored backup and newly created backups. This gives you peace of mind that your backups will be there when needed.

Why use eBackupToGo.com for your backups?

  • Easy to use
    • Detailed step by step instructions for setting up your backups
    • Additional help is only a phone call away 24 hours per day 7 days per week 614-431-2300 800-351-8009
    • No tapes, DVDs or other media to mess with. Your backups are stored on our state-of-the-art FTP servers on the Internet.
  • Fully automated
    • Once set up, your backups are fully automated
    • Our system automatically sends you status updates on newly completed backups and on stored backups. This gives you peace of mind that your backups are being completed and stored properly.
  • Your backup copies are always safe and secure
    • Secure, reliable, FTP based off-site storage of all your critical company files and data. This protects you from system failure, viruses, fire, natural disaster, theft, and other issues at your site.
    • High-end state-of-the-art secure server facilities - 99.9% up-time
    • All our servers are in locked facilities behind powerful firewalls to protect your files
    • Access to your backups are password protected. You decide which employees have access.
    • You have the option of maintaining multiple backups for extra security
    • HIPAA compliant file transfers - Fully HIPAA compliant FTP sites. Our sites can be configured to require 128-bit SSL encryption on all connections. It also provides full logging of all FTP activity.
  • Very versatile and powerful backup options
    • Set up a backup schedule that makes sense for your specific needs
    • Backup your most critical files more often than less critical files
    • Backup files on your network and/or files stored on multiple computers
  • Easy, quick recovery of files if needed
    • Recovery of backup files is always just a few mouse clicks away
    • Easily recover one file, one folder, or your whole backup

Fast FTP Site Set-up More eBackupToGo.com advantages

  • 5 Min Service Activation 24/7 365 Days Per Year. Start backing up your files today.
  • 24/7 phone support by our knowledgeable staff 614-431-2300 800-351-8009
  • No pre-set space limitations or transfer allocation
  • Cost effective - only pay for what you use each month
  • No contracts. Cancel at any time.
  • Printable invoices and receipts available online

No Contract - cancel at any time
No predetermined space limitation
No predetermined transfer limit
  Low Cost FTP Backup Server

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